Video DJ Booth

Video DJ Booth

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The Nightmusic DJ Booth is a new, modern DJ Booth to impress your audience. Build for professional VJ performance. Also for DJ’s, they play music with visuals, DJ-logo, pictures, video clips or advertising on the screen. Made by DJ’s for DJ’s!

Product features:

1. Professional DJ Booth, universally usable for Clubs or Mobile VJ/DJ’s
2. Clear and modern design
3. Robust and stable construction made by aluminum
4. Perfect dimensions, designed for professional work
5. Front-Frame is universal optimized to install a 55” Flat-TV with VESA Standard
6. The TV is save and well-placed inside the Front-Frame
7. Easy transport, only 4 parts (Front- Frame incl. Flat-TV, 2x Side-Panel, Table-Top)
8. Easy to install, 10 minutes, only 6 Knop-Screws (no screwdriver necessary)
9. No wires on the table, 3 Grommet- Holes in the Table-Top
10. Unimpeded view from the audience to the equipment and work of the VJ/DJ
11. Not visible storage-space under the DJ Booth, because of Side-Panels

The TV Screen is not included!

Opening for TV 125 x 73 cm
Total table workspace 125 x 66 cm
Dimensions (L x l x H) 135 x 70 x 86.7 cm
Poids 35 kg
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